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Progress is not always about expansion

During the first couple of months of 2018, I worked on a draft for my next solo play. I took a break from performing “I Am Hope” to focus most of my energy on my next play. I received a grant from a local Queens Organization to produce the performance reading for my stage play! I have been living in Queens for 10 years. It’s the first borough I lived in when I moved from Detroit. I’ve lived in other boroughs but I’ve always come back to Queens because it feels like home. Last year, I was searching for opportunities that would allow me to connect with the community I live in. Most of my classes, performances and connections were in Manhattan for most of my artistic career. I met some awesome people but once the class or show was over, I headed back to Queens and they went in the opposite direction. This opportunity has reminded me that “progress is not always about expansion.” You can use your gift to make a direct impact in the community you live in. My play will open in Queens, and I’m sure at some point, it will travel outside my community, but I’m proud that it started where I live. 

Grant Award Ceremony Pictures!! 

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