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Solo Spotlight

Happy Women’s history month! I’m highlighting a solo performer that has inspired me over the years. “Ms Vinie Burrows began to create her own theatrical works, mounting several solo shows. Her 1968 Off-Broadway production of Walk Together Children broke all records to become the longest-running Off-Broadway one woman show at the time. Ms. Burrows' other one woman shows include Dark Fire and Sister! Sister. “ “A self-made pioneer of touring solo shows (she counted at least six thousand performances) As a Black actress whose talents have never been fully used in our theatre, I have turned to solo performances not merely to find employment but also to gain a greater measure of artistic fulfillment and personal satisfaction," Ms. Burrows said of her solo works. "In creating the six different programs in my solo repertoire, I have tapped a rich vein from my own Black culture and heritage."A winner of an Obie lifetime achievement award in 2020, she continued to act into her 90s. Ms. Vinie Burrows theatrical legacy is a is extraordinary!

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