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Artist Support and Creativity During The Pandemic.

One of the most important aspects about living a creative life is having support. Support looks different for everyone, but last year, I realized that I wanted to be in community with other creatives, and I was invited to join a monthly career coaching artist group.

The offer came at a time when I was soon faced with an artistic wound, and I’m so grateful I had the support of a coach and peers to encourage me to continue to create. I think it is vital that we have spaces where we can show up with our disappointments, frustrations and setbacks.

There are four members in my group, and we all get a chance to discuss our dreams and goals. As much as I love talking about my dreams and goals, I really enjoy having a chance to listen to my group members. There is something special about listening to people share their dreams. It’s a safe and intimate space that allows you to be authentic!

I didn’t want to burden my current relationships with the responsibility of holding a space for my artistic endeavors. This group has fulfilled my artistic needs. I highly recommend working with Katie! She is kind, funny, generous and brilliantly fabulous. Her energy illuminates positivity and warmth. I’m hoping she will adopt me and my creativity.

You can find more about Katie's coaching service on her website below.


“Being human is not hard because you're doing it wrong, it's hard because you're doing it right.”

Glennon Doyle,Untamed

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