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A letter To The Audience

Dear Audience,

I have to admit I didn’t know how much of a pivotal role you played in all my solo shows. Your presence would ignite a spark that gave me courage to stand on stage alone. Your laughter would force to me to pause, giving me a gentle reminder to breathe because I knew you would still be with me. Thank you for holding space for my stories and characters. You’re a vital part of the progression of my story’s movement on stage, and I felt your infectious energy. Our experiences are etched in my heart until the next time we meet.

Even though I miss the audience, I think this a transformative time to grow and expand my artistic discipline in a digital landscape. Growth and expansion are often a combination of grief and gratitude, co-existing in the same space. While we are all collectively missing aspects of the lives we once lived, I remain hopeful that our return will be worth the wait. If you ever see one person doing something extraordinary, just know that it’s impossible without the support and efforts of others to show up for them.


"The crowd gives a kind of permission that the rest of life does not. Being part of an audience is the rare chance to become fully present in an era of endless distraction"

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