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It has been challenging for me to adapt to the new way of living, but one thing I haven’t paused is my artistic discipline. Even though I can’t share my work in public spaces, I’ve opened myself up to doing theatre on Zoom. I’ve developed new work, and that has led me to being a 2021 grant recipient for the International Centre of Women Playwrights!

I’m currently in the process of producing an online theatrical reading. It’s an exciting time because I feel that we are all learning together, and the pressure to be perfect has diminished. I’m allowed to break the rules and allow creativity to run the show. I haven’t felt creative during the entire pandemic. I’ve had moments of sheer panic and anxiety, but what has given me a sense of ease is knowing that writing and performing is still available to me. I can practice it for myself or share it with others online. I have always had an interest in performing theatre in alternative spaces.

To receive a grant during such unprecedented times reminds me that creating does move us forward. It can carry us above the water and provide a place of shelter in life’s storms.

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